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Website Description:

Wild Flower Bird and Butterfly Mix is an online store specializing in wildflower seed mixes for birds and butterflies. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality wildflower seed mixes that are specifically designed to attract birds and butterflies to your garden. We offer a wide variety of wildflower seed mixes, from native wildflower mixes to exotic wildflower mixes. Our mixes are carefully crafted to provide the perfect habitat for birds and butterflies, while also providing a beautiful and colorful addition to your garden. Our mixes are easy to use and come with detailed instructions for planting and growing. We also offer helpful advice and tips on how to attract more birds and butterflies to your garden.

Detailed Website Growing Instructions:

1. Choose the wildflower mix that best suits your needs. Consider the type of birds and butterflies you want to attract, as well as the type of environment you have in your garden.

2. Prepare the soil for planting. Remove any weeds and loosen the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches.

3. Spread the wildflower mix evenly across the soil. Use a rake or hoe to mix it into the soil.

4. Water the soil thoroughly. This will help the seeds to germinate.

5. Keep the soil moist during the germination period. This should take about two weeks.

6. Once the plants have grown to a height of about 6 inches, thin them out to the desired spacing.

7. Fertilize the plants with a balanced fertilizer.

8. Water the plants regularly to keep the soil moist.

9. Deadhead the flowers to encourage new growth.

10. Enjoy your beautiful wildflower garden!

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