Polaris Four Wheeler

We purchased the Polaris 450 sportsman HO four wheeler with EPS about 6 months ago. The 2 main reasons we chose the four wheeler was to move the trees we cut down in our garden and because it is slim enough to fit in the garden. Our garden is steep and the pathways were very narrow. It was the perfect fit. I love this four wheeler. 

We use it for more than just pulling big logs out of the woods. We move other heavy things with it too! We go for rides around the block, move bags of feed from the front of the house to the back of the house, Carry heavy bags of soil from the car to the garden. And sometimes, we’ll take it to the gas station for a slushy and some peanuts. Now that you know why we bought the four wheeler, and how we use it on our small homestead, let me tell you about This Four Wheeler.

{3 Photos side by side of the four wheeler from different angles}

 The 2023 Polaris 450 Sportsman H.O (high output) is equipped with a high-performance, ProStar 450 Single cylinder horsepower engine equipped with Electronic Power Steering (EPS).

[short 5-10 second Video of the ATV in Action]

 It has a top speed of over 60 mph, can climb up to 45 degree inclines and pull up to 1300 lbs. 

The 2023 Polaris 450 is tight, compact at only 48” wide with an 11 ½ inch ground clearance.

There is an up front storage compartment where the battery is stored. The top is equipped with a locking mechanism on each side.  The Front rack can hold the weight of 90 lbs. The rear end can hold a weight of 180 lbs. The Polaris 450 also has a relatively comfortable seat and adjustable handlebars, making it easy for riders of all sizes to find their perfect riding position. The Receiver hitch is 1 ¼  inch and the towing capacity is 1300 lbs. The Max Payload capacity is 485 lbs. The payload capacity is the weight directly on the fourwheeler. This includes the driver and anything on the front or rear racks.

{Photos of hitch and front storage compartment}

As I stated before, we purchased the 2023 Polaris 450 because we needed a compact machine that could get into and handle the slope in our garden. This year we are expanding our garden, and that required cutting down 7 very big oak trees and a lot of smaller trees. We’re doing a lot of land clearing. The trees are so big and so heavy, as trees typically are, and we needed to move them. Before purchasing the Polaris,  First we tried various winches, but they didn’t work to pull the trees up on their own. We knew we would need machinery to move the trees out of the garden. 

We considered renting machinery, but we didn’t feel like it was worth it for us. $450 a day, that’s only 6 hours. That wasn’t going to work for us. My husband, Josh, decided to purchase the Polaris 450 and it works for what we need it to. Beyond all the cool features of the Polaris 450, I love that we can add a wide variety of attachments and accessories to it. It can tow, plow and till with the trailer hitch attachment. It can drag trees and heavy objects. It can push and scoop with a dump bucket attachment. If you’re considering purchasing a four wheeler, we recommend the 2023 Polaris 450.