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EggPlant Green Knight Hybrid is a seed company that specializes in providing high-quality eggplant seeds for home gardeners. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best eggplant varieties that are easy to grow, disease-resistant, and produce high yields. We offer a wide selection of eggplant varieties, including heirloom, hybrid, and organic varieties. Our seeds are sourced from trusted suppliers and are tested for quality and germination rate. We also provide detailed growing instructions and tips to help our customers get the most out of their eggplant crops.

Growing Instructions

1. Plant your EggPlant Green Knight Hybrid seeds indoors in a seed-starting tray or pot, 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

2. Fill the tray or pot with a well-draining potting mix and moisten it with water.

3. Plant the seeds 1/4 inch deep and cover them lightly with soil.

4. Place the tray or pot in a warm, sunny spot and keep the soil moist.

5. When the seedlings are 4-6 inches tall, transplant them into the garden, spacing them 18-24 inches apart.

6. Eggplant prefers a sunny spot with well-draining soil.

7. Water your plants regularly and fertilize them every 2-4 weeks with a balanced fertilizer.

8. Harvest your eggplants when they are firm and glossy.

9. Enjoy your delicious eggplants!

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