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Welcome to California Wonder Bell Pepper Seed! We are a family-owned business that specializes in selling high-quality California Wonder Bell Pepper seeds. Our seeds are 100% organic, non-GMO, and grown in the USA. Our seeds are perfect for home gardeners, farmers, and commercial growers alike. We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and varieties of California Wonder Bell Pepper seeds. Our seeds are easy to grow and produce large, sweet, and flavorful bell peppers. We provide detailed growing instructions and tips to ensure a successful harvest. We also offer a variety of helpful resources, such as planting and harvesting guides, to help you get the most out of your garden. Thanks for visiting California Wonder Bell Pepper Seed!

Detailed Growing Instructions

1. Start by selecting a sunny spot in your garden with well-draining soil. California Wonder Bell Pepper seeds need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

2. Prepare your soil by adding organic matter such as compost or manure. This will help the soil retain moisture and provide nutrients for the plants.

3. Plant your California Wonder Bell Pepper seeds 1/2 inch deep in the soil. Space the seeds 1-2 inches apart.

4. Water the soil thoroughly and keep it moist but not soggy.

5. Once the seedlings emerge, thin them out to 1-2 feet apart.

6. Fertilize your plants every 2-3 weeks with a balanced fertilizer.

7. Harvest the peppers when they are bright green and firm.

8. Enjoy your delicious California Wonder Bell Peppers!

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