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Website Description:

Bean Gold Rush is an online store specializing in the sale of heirloom bean seeds. We offer a wide variety of beans from around the world, including varieties such as Anasazi, Black Turtle, Jacob’s Cattle, Scarlet Runner, and more. Our beans are all non-GMO and are of the highest quality. We also offer a wide selection of organic and natural growing supplies, such as fertilizers, soil amendments, and pest control products, to help you get the most out of your garden. We also provide helpful growing tips and information to help you get the most out of your bean crop.

Detailed Website Growing Instructions:

1. Select the type of bean seeds you would like to grow. We offer a wide variety of heirloom beans, so make sure to choose the right type for your garden.

2. Purchase your seeds from Bean Gold Rush. We offer secure online ordering and fast shipping.

3. Prepare your soil. Make sure to loosen the soil and add organic matter, such as compost, to ensure proper drainage and nutrient availability.

4. Plant your beans. Plant the seeds 1-2 inches deep and 3-4 inches apart. Make sure to water the seeds after planting.

5. Monitor your bean plants. Make sure to keep the soil moist and weed regularly.

6. Harvest your beans. When the pods are dry and the beans are hard, they are ready to be harvested.

7. Enjoy your beans! Enjoy the fruits of your labor by cooking up a delicious meal with your fresh beans.

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